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✔️ THE PERFECT LIGHTS: Our mason jar lights gives the best ambiance for your events, room decor and more. These make for perfect centerpieces or decorative lightning, while grabbing your guests attention!

✔️ OUR QUALITY: Not only are these String lights beautiful, but last a VERY long time! Don’t worry about the bulbs, they last 45,000 hours and batteries are easy to replace

✔️ THE IDEAL FIT: Your time is important and can't do everything by yourself. That's why these come fully assembled and all you need to do is open the lid, and flip a switch to turn on the lights!

✔️ FUN: From kids to adults, people love these lights because they look like Fireflies. Place them anywhere and watch your friends and guests marvel at these jars!

✔️ LIFETIME WARRANTY: Love them or we'll buy them back from you, no questions asked!

Our lights come in a quality and style that is unlike our competitors


•These Fairy Lights are very durable; made with quality materials and will shine above your expectations! 

•Comes with CR2032 batteries installed! No need to purchase or find these around the house

•That's right, no need to replace bulbs constantly! LED bulb life is over 45,000 hours!

•The more you buy, the bigger discount you get! Get 6, 8 or 12 jars with deeper discounts!

•Lifetime Warranty: If you are not satisfied with your lights, return them for a full refund, no questions asked!

Have your events with the perfect lightning and ambiance, while getting the attention of your guests! Add this to your cart today

Rose Gold Wire Mason Jar Lights

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